About Us


Following the sincere belief that all things that fly are beautiful, I dedicate myself to my combined passion for photography and the Air and to all who occupy it; Weather, Birds, Bugs and Humans,

I am a pilot with experience in the realm of private, corporate and charter aviation.

I also hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and applied those skills designing railroad train control systems for North American freight railroads and transit systems as Chief Engineer with L&W Industries, Inc.

During this time I continued to carry an interest in photography such that later in life I received a degree in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography.

I raise a glass to those who share the belief that all things that fly are Beautiful.

Other Photographers whose work Rollo admires


Wendy Farrow is an international award-winning imaging artist with 40 years photography experience, 20 years in digital imaging and 12 years of working full time in various painting mediums and clay sculpture. She brings these disciplines together in unique ways, resulting in richly textural and evocative works.